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The Importance Of Baby’s Clean Bottom

There are important details you should pay attention to when cleaning your baby's bottom. It is crucial that you know these details and also teach them to those who help you in taking care of your baby.

When cleaning the bottom, particularly for baby girls, be cautious not to apply excessive pressure while cleaning the genital area from front to back, and avoid any stimulation.

In the first few days following birth, as the baby’s digestive organs are not fully developed yet, they may pass stool with gas in a noisy manner, which can be a messy process. Although the stool may occasionally be abundant, it is typically small but frequent. As the absorption in the intestines improves and the digestive organs develop, the frequency of soiling decreases. It is normal for babies to pass stools 2 to 3 times a day, or even once per week, as the high absorption of mother’s milk leaves less stool to be passed. This pattern may continue until the transition to solid foods, and there is no need to worry.

It is essential to never stimulate the baby through the rectum (using lubricated strips or the tip of a thermometer) to force the passing of a stool. Such intervention can interrupt the baby’s natural learning process of passing stools, strengthening abdominal muscles, and relaxing the anus. The baby will struggle to pass stool without intervention. Instead, massage the baby’s stomach and gently push the legs towards the belly to facilitate bowel movements.

For baby boys, cleaning should start with the cleanest area, the groin. Wipe the genital area from top to bottom using a new piece of cotton each time. Then, gently clean the creased skin of the scrotum and the anal area.

When cleaning baby girls:

  1. Initiate the process from the cleanest area, the groin, and avoid applying pressure while cleaning the genital area from top to bottom.
  2. Stimulating the clitoris in baby girls may lead to early discovery of pleasure, causing her to rock or repeat the action when she starts sitting, which can lead to anxiety. Such experiences are typically part of the anal stage, when she becomes aware of her gender identity, learns to control the muscles surrounding her genital organs, and experiences pleasure in this area. However, noticing this too early is often related to applying excessive pressure during diaper cleaning. After 1-2 months, when the mother can easily hold the baby, the frequency of soiling will decrease but the amount of stool will increase. At this stage, it is best to wash with plenty of soap and water, but avoid using shampoo.

After completing the bottom cleaning of your newborn, it is important to place the diaper under them and use rash cream a few times a day. Additionally, using Mama’s Minies diapers can help ensure that the baby’s umbilical cord is exposed to air, allowing it to dry up and fall off without causing any infections.